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Major in Luxury & Fashion

Students can further specialise or diversify their expertise by opting for the Major in Luxury & Fashion or Major in Entertainment & Services

♦ Luxury Strategy & Innovation

The objective of this course is to raise awareness to the specificities of doing business in the luxury sector and managing luxury brands: develop your “luxury thinking”. It also exposes and debates luxury business models to sustain luxury brands; identifies the main challenges facing luxury brands and assess the macro trends in the industry to encourage you to manage luxury innovation respecting luxury branding principles and cultural specificities.

♦ Global Luxury Operations

This course enables you to learn how luxury operational elements support marketing and branding strategies.
You will take part of the L’Oreal Brandstorm which develops your understanding of international brand management and operations through hands-on application to a global brand; engages you in creative thinking and problem solving through immersion in a business situation within a global context; and allows you to work on a collaborative project with a team spirit to win a competition.

♦ CRM for Luxury by

In this course, you will learn strategies for customer management. In this course, you will gain a solid understanding of customer relationship management, including both strategic and analytic approaches. The course will provide you with tools that are critical in today’s business environment, as leading firms focus their marketing efforts on understanding the value of their customers and developing and growing profitable customer relationships. The course will also teach you skills related to customer selection and acquisition, customer management, managing the customer experience, customer retention and customer lifetime value.

♦ Digital Marketing & Social Media for Luxury

This course introduces digital marketing and e-commerce key concepts; allows students to acquire an understanding of ergonomy of an e-commerce website. It also develops students’ sensitivity regarding search engine optimization and search engine marketing; discusses social media optimization, social media marketing, cross media advertising etc. The above concepts are applied to the luxury sector (examples, cases)

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