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Strategic Management Expert Jeffrey J. Reuer visits EDHEC Lille

EDHEC Students

EDHEC Students

EDHEC students had the opportunity to work with renowned strategy management expert Jeffrey J. Reuer of the Krannert School of Business at Purdue University as part of a recent seminar that focused on mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances.

The seminar, which was team-taught with EDHEC Assistant Professor Valérie Duplat, presented students with case studies and reading that allowed them to explore the various steps (and hazards) involved in mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances. Students learned about identifying potential partners, negotiation, contract design, as well as cultural and structural integration.

Students were also asked to team up to find new collaborative opportunities in the areas of Media, Telecom and Software for the video-sharing website DailyMotion. The top three student proposals were then presented to Luc Dumont, DailyMotion’s Executive Vice President for Corporate Development, who interacted with students via telephone from DailyMotion offices in the Silicon Valley in California, USA.

The seminar is just another example of how EDHEC professors use professional and academic contacts to enrich the classroom experience for students. “The opportunity to have an academic star such as Jeffrey Reuer in the classroom is phenomenal because he was able to share the most up-to-date research with our students,” said Christine Coisne, director of the EDHEC MSc in Strategy and Organisational Consultancy. “We were very fortunate to have him and we hope he will come back soon.”

It was Professor Reuer’s first visit to EDHEC and he said that he greatly appreciated students’ maturity and professionalism. He said that he was impressed by students’ ability to absorb information quickly and to pose challenging and thoughtful questions. He described EDHEC’s Lille campus as “incredibly idyllic but with a pulsing intensity at its core,” references to the park-like setting of the campus and its vibrant student body.

Professors Reuer and Duplat are also working together on international research that looks at the roles of Boards of Directors in business joint ventures. Professor Duplat spent six months working with Reuer and other researchers at the Krannert School of Business earlier this year thanks in part to a scholarship she won from the Fondation Nationale pour l’Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises.


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November 24, 2014

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